Adamo Corazza

Adamo Corazza is digital painter who is motivated by the natural and the sublime, with a curiosity surrounding a union of the two and the duality this establishes. He recognises that our relationship with the natural world is closely linked to our endeavours to represent it through artistic means.

Deriving inspiration from a prolonged interest in folklore and the aesthetic presence of landscapes, his work attempts to rekindle a forgotten awe of the natural world by highlighting its intrinsic nuances of the sublime. His study also concerns the ability of stories and storytellers to convey knowledge about the world to an audience.

Thus, by merging the traits of painter and storyteller he hopes to use his illustrative works as a medium to communicate the abstract qualities of landscapes. At a time when when we are overshadowed by modern-day concerns, he hopes to reestablish our innate connection and reverence towards the natural world.

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