The Itinerants 2



End of year Exhibition, Ba (Hons) Art & Design // FdA in Art & Design, 2015

The Ba / FdA in Art & Design encourages a culture of trans-disciplinary research between artists, designers and makers in which students can ask new and engaging questions about their practice. As such the course is externally focussed, student-centred and with a strong emphasis on professional practice skills development. The course builds on the strength of the research of the teaching team who are practising artists, designers and makers committed to practice-led teaching.

Andrea Moran | Jessica Robison | Marianne Carlens | Maxi Taylor | Adamo Corazza | Nadia Bajwa | Layla  Josephine | Naphat Chianpaisanjaroen | Benedicta Antwi | Reza Bagheri | Harriet Baggley | Jolene Durante | Liz Murphy | Olivia Haller | Rachel Kinsman | Sarah Cossar | Steph Shaw | Svetlana Petrovska | Andrea Kenny | Lauren Adams |



“Oak, Ash & Thorn” on 50inch screen