Here & There Again





Pastures of Yavanna


‘Here & There Again’ is a documentation of the artist’s journey through three landscapes which have particular personal significance to him; Cranford Countryside Park, Bushy Park and Richmond Park. It is a play on words of the Hobbit Bilbo’s journal, ‘There & Back Again’ in Tolkien’s work and indicates the artists’ return to these landscapes in an attempt to capture and represent his experiences of them. The work is supplemented by Karen Wynn Fonstad’s ‘The Atlas of Middle Earth’ and quotes from Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’ in order to translate the essence of the chosen landscapes through the work of Tolkien. The paintings depict the geological and descriptive pairing between the artist’s locations and those from Tolkien’s work and are ultimately supported by the artist’s own reflective journal.

Cranford Park ǁ Anfauglith

Bushy Park ǁ Lórellin

Richmond Park ǁ Pastures of Yavanna