Mar Atta: Two Earths

mar atta22

‘Mar Atta: Two Earths’ presents two British landscapes which directly inspired Tolkien’s writings. The phrase Mar Atta’ is a direct translation of ‘two earths or worlds’ in Tolkien’s Elvish language, Quenya. ‘The Shire’ depicts the tranquil hills of Warwickshire and so the painting is intended to emulate this essence and be inviting through enhanced green tones and inward sweeping clouds. Similarly, ‘Mar Atta: Mordor’ depicts the desolate and industrialised landscape of the Black Country, particularly Birmingham. The painting conveys the threat of pollution to the countryside through a more muted spectrum of colour and shift to warmer tones in the clouds to reflect the fires of industry. The paintings are intended to represent the duality of nature, as both something which is malevolent or frightening and idyllic or welcoming.